How To Set Up Safe Electric Fence For Alpacas

Electric fence for alpacas

Electric fence is widely used in animal husbandry to deter livestock and protect the site from wild animals. Whole pastures protect such a simple and effective fence. In the modern era of general industrialization, interest in the electric fence appears in the field of private sector protection.

An electric fence is a fence of alternating wires through which current flows. The wire can be made of copper, aluminum, steel or another metal: the main condition is good electrical conductivity and a diameter of at least 1 mm.

The current strength in the electric fence is designed only for a painful blow that will cause the animal or person to abandon plans to approach the hedge.

An electrical impulse is given at intervals, so it does not cause injuries, only very unpleasant sensations. The fence is powered by a solar panel, battery or mains.

An electric fence for goats, alpacas, cows and other livestock is the cheapest and easiest way to protect your animals and allow them to move freely around the site without leaving it. And at the same time, do not allow other animals or intruders to enter private territory. Read more