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Alpaca and Lama

8 Differences Between an Alpaca and Lama

Who are Alpaca and Llama? What is the difference? After almost a year of living in Peru, it became very interesting for me to understand this. So, alpaca and llama are animals of the camel family, whose homeland is the highlands of the Andes of South America. Before coming to Latin America, I personally had…

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Alpaca wool

Alpaca Wool Features

Alpacas are domestic animals belonging to the camel family. They live in South America (Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Bolivia) in the highlands, in the Andes. Alpacas are considered rare animals. They are bred only for the sake of wool, in the highlands of Peru it is an important export item. Alpacas are sheared every two years…

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Alpaca: Living Conditions

Alpaca: Living Conditions and Breeding Features

The alpaca (Latin Vicugna pacos, camel family) is a herbivorous domestic animal that was domesticated by humans over 6,000 years ago. Unlike llamas, who served as animals for ancient Indian tribes, alpacas were used as a source of value and wool to make warm clothing and shoes. The ancestors of alpacas are presumably artiodactyl mammals,…

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